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Lauren Cox Fit
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Brookbush Institute Functional Movement Specialist
IFTA Certified Group Exercise Instructor & Cycle Instructor

Fitour Certified & Ace Accredited Foam Rolling Specialist
TRX Certified



My Fitness Career started in 2014 while I was residing in Palm Springs, CA.  Passion pushed me to become group fitness & cycle certified, where I taught classes for Eos Fitness.  After 3 years of continuing education & pursuing my dream of helping others achieve their fitness goals, I embarked on a cross country move to Charlotte, NC.  I immediately expanded my education, obtaining an ACE Personal Training Certification, and continued on in my extensive research on everything anatomy.  


Over the course of the following couple years I became a certified Human Movement Specialist, Foam Rolling Specialist as well as TRX Certified.  After 8 years of education & experience, I can say I am an anatomy nerd, I am simply amazed by the human body, and there is something new to learn every single day.  I love to educate my clients, build awareness that they can confidently carry with them for a lifetime. 


 I specialize in Corrective Exercise, bridging the gap between Physical Therapy & Personal Training to Group Fitness.  Through my experience, I have learned to take a very personal & holistic approach - my job is much more than prescribing exercises & counting reps.  I will help you build healthy habits, working from the ground up to build a solid foundation, working to manage stress, teach you how to make healthy food choices & how to forgive yourself when you don’t.  


We all come from different walks of life, and I am here to meet you, wherever you are, and support you fully in your journey to fitness, health & wellness.  


Some things I have been up to in the past 5 years I’ve been in Charlotte


  • Greater Charlotte YMCA - Pre-pandemic You may have seen me at Dowd, Harris, Harris Express or Childress Klein branches facilitating Cycle, Athletic Conditioning, Cardio Strength & HIIT formats. I also facilitated small group personal training sessions at the Dowd Branch.  You can now find me at the Dowd YMCA on the 2nd & 4th Sundays for a 12:15pm Cardio Strength class.


  • Myers Park Country Club - I facilitated Athletic Conditioning & a Circuit Training group classes for country club members.


  • The Cornwell Center -  Facilitated Cycle, Strength, Bootcamp & HIIT format classes for members.  Worked as a contracted Personal Trainer for the Center Pre-pandemic.  


  • In 2019 I started LaurenCoxFit LLC.  After the pandemic I returned to the Cornwell Center as a contractor for LaurenCoxFit LLC, conducting my personal training business within their facility.


  • At the start of the Pandemic I shifted all of my indoor classes to outdoor class offerings for all my class members in the Charlotte area - I continue to host outdoor small group bootcamps 3 days a week.


  • For 3 years running I have secured a contract with Belk’s corporate office as their fitness ambassador facilitating Zoom Fitness classes to their corporate employee’s.


Exercise programs are not one size fits all, which is why finding a highly trained professional is so critical! With every new client I build a solid concrete foundation from the ground up, by focusing on functional movement, form, posture & stability.  After all, you wouldn't build a foundation on top of sand.


Whether you want to bring your best friend along for the fun, a group of your most competitive friends to help push you to the finish line, everyone is guaranteed to get a great workout tailored to their current level of fitness!

Want to build community within the office with fun teambuilding challenges.  Improve communication and productivity within your team!  More importantly, show your employees you care about their physical & mental wellbeing.  Contact me to discuss your office enviroment & behavioral change strategies to have your BEST year yet!


Strength does not come from Physical capacity, it comes from determination and consistency

Take PRIDE in how far you have come, 

Have FAITH in how far you can go.


The first step is always the hardest, But you did it!

Thanks for reaching out!

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Myers Park, Charlotte, NC 28207

Tel: 949-307-0072


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