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Everyone's well-being journey is personal. Lauren Cox Fit is dedicated
to creating effective fitness solutions designed specifically for you.

Are you ready to unlock your full potential and achieve your fitness dreams?


About Me


After 3 years of continuing education & pursuing her dream of helping others achieve their fitness goals, Lauren embarked on a cross-country move to Charlotte, NC. Immediately expanding her education by obtaining an ACE Personal Training Certification, she continued on in her extensive research on everything anatomy.


Putting passion and expertise forward, Lauren became a certified Human Movement Specialist, Foam Rolling Specialist, as well as TRX Certified. After 8 years of education and experience, Lauren can say she is an anatomy nerd, amazed by the human body, and finding something new to learn every single day. She loves to educate her clients and build awareness that they can confidently carry with them for a lifetime.

Lauren specializes in Corrective Exercise, bridging the gap between Physical Therapy and Personal Training to Group Fitness. Her job is much more than prescribing exercises and counting reps. She helps clients build healthy habits, working from the ground up to establish a solid foundation. Lauren focuses on managing stress, teaching healthy food choices, and fostering self-forgiveness when setbacks occur.

Within the past 5 years in Charlotte, you may have seen her at Greater Charlotte YMCA, Myers Park Country Club, and The Cornwell Center. She is currently offering indoor and outdoor (boot camp) classes. Lauren truly believes that we all come from different walks of life, and she is there to meet individuals wherever they are and fully support them on their journey to fitness, health, and wellness.


ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Brookbush Institute

Functional Movement Specialist

IFTA Certified

Group Exercise Instructor

& Cycle Instructor

Fitour Certified

& Ace Accredited

Foam Rolling Specialist

TRX Certified


"Strength does not come from physical capacity,
it comes from determination & consistency"

Personal Training Icon for individuals

Personal Training

Exercise programs are not one size fits all, which is why finding a highly trained professional is so critical! With every new client, I build a solid concrete foundation from the ground up, by focusing on functional movement, form, posture & stability. After all, you wouldn't build a foundation on top of sand.

Group Training Icon for more than one person

Group Training

Whether you want to bring your best friend along for the fun, or a group of your most competitive friends to help push you to the finish line, everyone is guaranteed to get a great workout tailored to their current level of fitness!

Corporate Training Icon for teams, business groups and organizations and

Corporate Training

Want to build community within the office with fun team-building challenges? Improve communication and productivity within your team! More importantly, show your employees you care about their physical & mental well-being. Contact me to discuss your office environment & behavioral change strategies to have your BEST year yet!

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"Lauren works hard at understanding my physical strengths and weaknesses and structures our training sessions such that we maintain the former and improve the latter. Her positive attitude and non-critical approach to redirecting my errors in technique is inspirational, what keeps me going and wanting to do things the way that meets her approval. I am so fortunate that Tom Jones recommended her to me."


She Puts the "Personal" in "Personal trainer".

" I started an exercise program with Lauren when I retired. In the assessment I told her my goal was to stay active. I got that – and a whole lot more because her goal for me was beyond active. It was to be young again. Lauren started me on modest weight training and a little cardio. Quickly – and on my own – I progressed to heavier weights. I hate cardio, but she set my targets simple enough that I pushed myself through them. Now when I go bike riding I can zip up hills that had been a real challenge just months before. After four months my body aches disappeared, I am more limber, I stand up straighter and my posture has improved – that core work paid off. The biggest danger to seniors is losing balance and falling; the routine Lauren gave me strengthened my core and restored my balance (Physical balance. Even Lauren can’t help my mental imbalance). I can bend over and pick things up more easily. I am more confident on stairs. I am not exactly limber yet, but now I can twist and turn in ways I hadn’t been able to. I didn’t lose weight, but my body shifted, my clothes fit better, my belt cinched tighter. After six months I said I wanted to lose weight. Lauren modified by routine and added more cardio. I still hate cardio, but Lauren knows how to motivate by starting modestly and letting me push myself. In three months I lost about twenty pounds. Lauren’s secret sauce is feeding her clients’ confidence, getting us to push ourselves to reach our own goals. When something doesn’t work she finds what does work. Her energy is infectious, and she never stops smiling and encouraging. “You got this!” And results always drive stronger work habits. The end result is that I am excited about going to the gym and doing my home exercises because I know they make a positive difference.  Lauren understands muscles and physiology. I tell her what hurts, tell her what I want to improve, and she has the answers. She observes and helps with technique and feedback to improve performance – and provide results. Lauren’s spirit and sense of humor combine with her very apparent concern for her clients and their needs. She is my cheerleader and she wants me to succeed, and when I can see improvements and results I work that much harder. She puts the "personal" in Personal Trainer. All of Lauren’s routines include proper warming up and cooling down, and her stretching exercises are always spot-on and effective. I had aches, but not pain, and soon I didn’t have aches. She’s the best! "

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Ready to Transform Your Fitness Journey?

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The first step is always the hardest, but you did it!

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Myers Park, Charlotte, NC 28207

Tel: 949-307-0072

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